Why a Cruise Ship?

While land-locked family reunions have a lot of unknown factors, a family reunion cruise gives you the comfort and convenience of knowing all about your vacation before you ever leave home. This frees you up to relax and enjoy meeting family members. There are many reasons to choose to have a family reunion aboard a cruise ship, here's a list of our top ten:

Something for Everyone - A reunion at sea offers something for everyone. Cruises allow your family members to individually participate in everything from kids programs, to relaxing spa treatments. Want to watch a Broadway style show, ice skate or sing karaoke? All this and more is possible aboard a cruise ship. And because there's something for everyone, your family will be brought even closer together, resulting in family memories that last a lifetime!

Know your costs up front - One of the best things about choosing a cruise for your family reunion is the fact that you'll know your food and lodging costs up front before the cruise ever takes place.

Affordable and flexible - On a cruise, you'll be able to control costs more easily. Those with more money can choose more deluxe accommodations, while those with smaller budgets can book inexpensive inside accommodations. Since you can book a cruise up to 18 months in advance, you can even choose to pay for your reunion in installments. Cruise lines accept all major credit cards for payment.

No Cooking, No Cleaning - Why go through the stress not to mention the muss and fuss of cleaning the house? On a cruise you'll have an attentive staff looking after each and every need. That makes the job of host so much easier. And while you're having fun, your cabin attendant will make sure your cabin is ship shape by keeping things tidy at least twice a day.

Neutral Territory - Family members won't feel like they're intruding or inconveniencing some family members by having a reunion at their home. Since everybody's traveling to the ship, nobody has to feel that they are imposing on others.

Plenty of space - Aunt Mable's tiny three room apartment is not the place to have a family reunion....even if she is a great cook. Many of today's cruise ships are three football fields long and twelve stories high, a spacious place to have a reunion. Because there's a variety of different size public rooms, space is not a factor on a cruise ship, so your reunion can be as big or as small as you need it to be, without ever becoming a problem.

Convenient - Cruise ships sail from ports all across the US and most of those in the US are within a day's drive of a cruise ship. For those that are further, flights to ships are affordably priced and cruise lines will even transfer you and your luggage from the airport directly to your ship. Today's ships sail from an expanding list of ports including: Boston, New York, Baltimore, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa, Port Canaveral (near Orlando), Mobile (AL), Charleston (SC), New Orleans and Galveston.

Dining is included - Cruise ships are known for the quality and range of cuisine available. Best of all, if you're having a reunion you can dine together quite easily and without any additional cost. When was the last time you took the family to a world-class restaurant? You can dine in one for each meal aboard a cruise.

Less Hassle - Because your vacation is on a cruise ship, you will pack and unpack just once, and not have to worry about dinner and lodging reservations like you would with other vacations. Cruise ships are uniquely suited to handle the needs of large groups. The result is great service from a smiling crew that will make your time at sea more pleasurable than you could imagine. The luxury treatment all begins with a phone call to us.

Interesting Ports of Call - As the ship sails from port to port, you and your family will experience some great destinations together. Your Vacation Specialist can even help you arrange your family's shore excursions in advance, allowing you to save money and make the most of your time in each port of call.

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